Ashnet Consulting is taken care of Information Technologies.

We operate in the computer science field for beyond 20 years, with the technologies more advanced and the more prestigious and reliable marches. We operate for computerize companies, offices, banks, storees, studies, rooms etc. and optimization of the already present computer system. 

A carefull analysis of your situation, the study and the drawing up of a plain are the preliminary indispensable stroke for the corrected computerize of your company that must be on one side sure respecting the norms of law in matter but on other side practical and works them.

Between the points of force our company, there is sure the remote assistance, wich, through a remote desktop, allow us to resolve great part of software problems directly our head office. Timelinees for the emergency considered "vital" and obviously the certainty of being able to count on products and installation of professional level.

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